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this is an unbelievable and unforgettable journey in my life.. By Yogesh Gurung

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 After completion of 26 days stay in Nepal, I returned to London on 12 of June 2015. On my free time  I do lots of social works because I like to give opportunity and happiness to the less fortunate. this is an unbelievable  and unforgettable journey in my life

On 25th of April, tragedy struck in Nepal when the earth shook in a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake and just over two weeks later, on 12thof May a second major earthquake hit the country. Thousands of houses, schools and temples were destroyed across the country. Especially those near the epicentre. 32So far 8 million people were affected by the disaster and 3 million became homeless. Over 10,000 people were dead and over 18,000 people injured. As a result, millions of children left in danger with a dark future.

So, after hearing this tragedy, I went to Nepal on 17th of May for 26 days to volunteer in the earthquake affected areas. After landing in the capital, I quickly joined with a Nepali youth club named CYSU (common youth stand up) and went with them to the most affected areas from earthquake.

After reaching to the place, we came to know that children stopped going to school anymore because it was all destroyed by the earthquake. So, we started to build together some temporary classes for the school. We also donated some stationery items to the children. They were more than happy to get back to their school.
As a first aider I, I also trained to the villager’s first aid to do what in case of any emergency occurs. In my stay over in Nepal, our team did lots of volunteer works towards to the affected areas.

but I could not forget the sweaty face of the people and children who were facing a daily battle to survive the critical situation. Every day I got worried about the children’s lives and what will happen to them in coming future. The villagers were also worried about the situation and always used to ask me to help them in rebuilding their children’s school.

Without education these children will end up becoming a slave. They will start to beg in the streets. They will be preyed upon by human traffickers involved in supply of girls and women to the brothels of South Asia. But if they receive a quality education and awareness these illegal activities can get stopped completely.

So, rebuilding the school in affected areas of Nepal is an urgent priority at the moment. The children of Nepal need your help and support. Your donation could save lives and can make bright future for these innocent and poor children. Please give some place in your heart because every child deserves a quality education.

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