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Mr. Min Bahadur Gurung, 2017

(President-Sahara UK)

Mr. Dilip Gurung-2014-2016

(former President-Sahara UK)

Mr.Navin Gurung 2008-2013


In mid september 2002, in Farnborough, a nepalese entrepreneur, Mr Navin Gurung met with former head master and Sportsenthusiast, Mr Mahesh Gurung(Former Head Teacher Amar Sing High School and Kalika High School Pokhara). They exchange some information and their view about Sahara club pokhara nepal.
Fallowing year in february 2003, Mr Navin Gurung and few of his British midland colleagues visited sahara club pokhara nepal. The visiting team were overwhelm by the hospitality shown by the local people and sahara club members. One of the team member, Ms Siobhan Fryer was upset by the poverty faced by the children leaving in the area. The team vowed to come back and help these children in future. Unfortunately ms Siobhan Fryers died of brain haemorrhage in September same year. however  Nabin, British midland staff, their family and friends have actively involved in raising fund to help these children until 2009. in 2005 with the help of nepalese community of UK and Mr Navin gurung decided to take some of the talented nepalese youth from uk to participate and support “AAHA GOLD CUP” football tournament. The profit made out of the tournament is spent on underprivileged boys welfare. These boys are under the supervision of sahara club Pokhara, Nepal.  In May 2008, Sahara club uk was officially formed with 20 working executive committee under the Presidency of Mr Navin Gurung. Since then Sahara club uk and its partners have been actively involved in fund raising events such as , 9a side football tournament, Charity concert and dinner, all over europe and nepal. Today sahara has its branches in Hong Kong, Australia and UK. The recent affiliation with Farnborough Football Club has made Sahara club even popular and stronger in nepalese community in uk and Nepal. IN November 2016, Sahara UK hold the General Assembly on this occasion Mr Min Bahadur Gurung was elected as new Sahara UK President.